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Welcome, families!

Congratulations! You’ve reached a huge milestone in your life—and your student has, too. We know that getting ready for college is an exciting time for families. We also understand, 鉴于目前的情况, conversations about college sound a bit different these days. 这是对学生未来的投资. Rest assured that you and your family are in good hands with 中北书院. Graduating from North Central will open up opportunities you didn’t even realize were possible. And we want to partner with you to make it a reality.

Why North Central? 

“North Central is giving Ivan everything he needs to succeed after graduation. 立博在线体育再高兴不过了.”

Bohorquez家族:Sergio, Christina and Ivan, 谁主修会计, 经济与金融


Focused on You!

At 中北书院, students decide their own future. 他们会发现新的思考方式, 拓宽他们的视野, experience new places and work with people who have been where they want to go. Together we will get students ready to make a real difference in our world. 

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中北部的地理位置非常理想. Campus is located in the heart of a lively town and just a train ride away from one of the greatest cities in the country.


  • 148k+ residents call this bustling and vibrant city home.
  • 150+ trendy restaurants, shops and cafés located just steps from campus.
  • #5 on Niche’s “Best Places to Live in Illinois” and named one of the “50 Safest College Towns in America” by SafeWise in 2019.
  • Two miles of brick paths, fountains and study spots along the scenic Naperville Riverwalk.


  • 美国第三大城市.S. 也是世界上最具标志性的城市之一.
  • Great place to find internships and jobs at leading global companies and boutique firms in every industry imaginable.
  • 拥有世界闻名的建筑, museums, 音乐和戏剧场景, 以及伟大的职业运动, 各种文化的夜生活和美食.
Chicago Skyline

See for Yourself

你的学生去中北路对吗? The best way to find out is through a campus visit. We have options that fit any schedule and are designed to answer every question.

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Space to Soar

A North Central education extends well beyond the walls of a traditional classroom. Your student will have everything they need to compete in a world developing at high speed. 立博在线体育最先进的设施, 采用最新的技术和设计, will provide opportunities for your student to gain important leadership, 研究和实习经历. 这里有几个例子:

Coffee lab

Coffee Lab

We have an entire lab set up for roasting, studying and marketing coffee. There are only two others like it in the country, and ours is the only one where your student can learn how the coffee business really works, 不管专业是什么.



Your student won’t need to search for long to find out how to make a difference on campus and in the community—we can show them the starting point. The 社会影响中心 is their home base for exploring, experiencing and influencing the issues and causes they care about most.



这里是未来教练的梦想之地. With the same equipment used to evaluate pro athletes, your student will discover how to test the human body and learn the best ways to keep it going.

Wentz concert hall


Our campus is home to world-class performance venues, 包括一个漂亮的音乐厅, 黑箱剧场和美术馆. It’s a great place to catch a concert or a show.

Molex lab


这个实验室是最终的动手游乐场. Your student will use cutting-edge equipment to study high speed signaling, EMC, power management and controls as well as get their geek fix working on high performance automation systems and robotics.

Bloomberg lab


Bloomberg is the benchmark when it comes to tracking news, trends and data in the world of economics. Our finance lab is one of only 10 labs in the country built by Bloomberg with custom terminals to create a trading room environment just like Wall Street.

We understand that wellness— physical, emotional and mental— is essential to success!

Our faculty and staff put their connections with students first. Coaches ask about finals and professors attend athletic events. People care about each other here, and everyone is committed to your student’s success. Here are just a few examples of the programs we’ve designed to support your student.


Students can make a free appointment to see a physician or counselor. Our friendly, compassionate staff of health care professionals ensures that your student receives high quality medical and counseling care. They’ll also have access to a wealth of resources both onsite and in the community.


Recreation & Fitness

We know your student’s schedule will be packed with classes, a job and social events. 然而,锻炼也同样重要. Our intramural sports leagues and group fitness classes make staying active easy and fun!

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Our nationally recognized program is designed to build a sense of community and network among our first-generation students, 教职员工——从第一天到毕业. A structured approach helps your student succeed in the classroom, 参与校园活动, support their growth as a person and prepare them for a successful future.




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